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Last Updated: October 24, 2017

My Jewelry Spot is committed to the relationship of trust we have with you – our consumers. We value your business and, more importantly, your loyalty. We recognize that privacy is an important issue. We have developed this Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) to explain the practices of My Jewelry Spot LLC. and its direct and indirect subsidiaries (collectively, “My Jewelry Spot,” “we,” or “us”) regarding the personal information and data we collect from you or about you through our online platforms. This Policy governs your use of any online service location, including any website or mobile application, that posts a link to this Policy, and it also applies to your use of interactive features, widgets, plug-ins, applications, content, downloads and other services that we may own and control and make available through our sites (collectively, this Policy governs our “Service”). Your use of our Service is also governed by our Terms of use.

It is important that you read this entire Policy as well as our Terms of Use before you access our Service.



In every aspect of our business, we may collect personal information or data. Some of this personal information you may provide to us directly, and some may be passively collected from you as you access and use our Service.


Examples of personal information that you may provide to us include: your contact information (including your name, physical address, fax number, telephone number, and email address); your date of birth; details about your preferences, product interests, orders and transactions with us; whether you participate or have participated in a membership or loyalty program; whether you participate or have participated in a sweepstakes or marketing program; details about your personal characteristics, nationality, and income; and your reviews and opinions of our products or services.


The term “sensitive information” refers to information related to your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion or other beliefs, health, criminal background or trade union membership. We do not generally collect sensitive information unless it is specifically volunteered to us by you.


My Jewelry Spot does not collect or store your credit card information. If you choose to make an online purchase from My Jewelry Spot, you may be given the option to make payment directly on our online platform or on a third-party processor’s website, like PayPal. We do not review your credit card information when you engage in a payment transaction, whether you submit the information directly on our payment page or whether you submit it on a third-party website, like PayPal. All payment processing is handled by a third-party payment processor, which we do not control. As such, we encourage you to review the privacy policy of any other third-party payment processor before you submit your payment information to their website. The PayPal privacy policy is available here.

The following are examples of features on our service where you may provide us with your personal information:

  • Membership and Rewards Programs: When you enroll in a membership or rewards program through our Service, we may ask you for certain personal information, including your name, e-mail address, mailing and billing address, phone number, and date of birth. You may also create and share with us login information that we will store in connection with your account, including a user ID and password. When you manage your membership or rewards program profile online, you may have the opportunity to provide additional information about your language preferences, payment information, and email subscription preferences. In addition, when you use our Service while logged in to your membership or rewards program account, you may have the opportunity to share your product preferences with us by “favoriting” items.
  • Purchases: When you make purchases through our Service we may request certain personal information, including your name, your mailing and billing address, your telephone number, and your payment information. For more information about collection and use of your payment information, please read the section above labeled “Payment Information.”
  • Surveys: If you choose to participate in a customer survey, we may request demographic data or other personal information.
  • Sweepstakes and Promotions: If you submit an online application for a sweepstakes or other promotion, we may ask you to provide personal information as described in this Personal Information We Collect section. Please be aware that such Sweepstakes and Promotions may carry their own terms of use and privacy policy, in which case those policies would govern your participation.
  • Social Media: If you choose to participate in our sponsored social media activities or offerings, you may choose to give us access to certain information from your social media account consistent with your settings within the social media service, such as your location, check-ins, activities, interests, demographics, photos, status updates and friends list. You should understand that you are subject to the terms and conditions and any privacy policies of the social media site when using and sharing information on that site, and My Jewelry Spot is not responsible for the use and collection of your information on any third-party website.
  • Information You Post: All information you share about yourself in a public, open forum, whether it can personally identify you or not, will be considered public information for the purposes of this policy.
  • Refer-a-Friend: From time to time, we may offer a feature that allows you to send an electronic postcard or otherwise share a message with a friend. If you choose to do so, we may ask you for the recipient's name and email address, along with the text of any message you choose to include, and we may identify you when we reach out to your friend. [While the information you provide about your friend may be used to facilitate the communication, it will not be used for other marketing purposes unless your friend consents to such use.] By using this feature, you represent that you are entitled to use and provide us with the recipient's name and email address for this purpose.


In addition to personal information you provide to us directly, we may gather and store information about you automatically when you access and use our Service using tracking technologies, such as cookies, web beacons, embedded scripts, browser fingerprinting, entity tag, recognition technologies, and GPS or other location-identifying technologies. Examples of information that may be collected and stored automatically include: certain details about your browser, operating system, and hardware; your location; the URL that referred you to our Service; your activities on our Service; your mobile service provider (if accessing our service with a mobile device, like a smart phone); and the date and time of your visit to our Service. This browsing information is linked to your anonymous IP address (or another unique device identifier) and not to you personally. If for any reason your browsing information is linked to information that can personally identify you, we treat it as personal information.


In addition to the information we collect from you directly, we may also infer information about you based on the information you provide to us or from information we receive using third-party analytics services, as described below under “Analytics Services and Targeted Ads.” We may also collect information about you from our partners, from social media sites, and from other third-party sources. For instance, we may receive your telephone number or mailing addresses from our partners or from other sources, which we may use for telemarketing purposes. We may append this information to the information we have on file for you and share it with others consistent with this Policy.


We may use third-party analytics services, which track details about your online activities over time and across different sites. These services help us to improve our site and the products and services that we offer you. These services may also allow us and others to provide you with targeted advertisements or other content that you may be interested in based on your online activities.


We may use your personal information for a variety of purposes, including to: (1) facilitate your online shopping and provide the products and services you request from My Jewelry Spot, or which are part of a program you have joined or a purchase you have made, including processing online purchases and e-mailing purchase receipts; (2) provide you with information about marketing, promotions, and meeting and event planning services; (3) improve My Jewelry Spot's products and services to provide you with the expected level of products and services; (4) ensure our site, products and services are of interest to you; (5) process enrollments and applications; (6)facilitate collections; and (7) provide or offer you newsletters, promotions and featured specials, other marketing communications, product or service awareness marketing, to conduct surveys, sweepstakes, prize draws, and other contests. We may provide these communications online, via email, telephone, mobile/text messaging (including SMS and MMS) and postal mail.

We may also aggregate your personal information, including your date of birth, gender, marital status, and location, with data from third-party sources for purposes of data hygiene and analytics, as described above under the heading “Analytics Services and Targeted Ads.” As long as this data is anonymized, it may be used and disclosed in a variety of ways. If any data is tied to personally identifying information about you, such as your name, we will treat it as personal information and it will be protected as such.


Our Service may contain links to third-party websites, and may allow you to use your account from other online services, including social media providers (such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). For example, we may use third parties to allow you to send messages, tweets, or make postings on social media sites, like Facebook. If you use accounts from other services on our Service, those third parties may share information about you with us, and we may share information that we collect with them. In addition, My Jewelry Spot may maintain social media accounts or fan pages where you may be able to post information and materials on sites that are owned or operated by a third party.

Please note that we are not responsible for the collection, use, maintenance, sharing, or disclosure of data and information by such third parties.

If you link to a third party through our Service, or if you otherwise provide information on third-party sites, the privacy policy and terms of service on those sites are applicable. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of websites that you visit so that you understand how they collect and use your information before using such websites.


My Jewelry Spot takes reasonable measures to: (1) protect your personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction; (2) keep your personal information accurate and up-to-date, as appropriate; and (3) ensure our affiliates and service providers with whom we share your personal information exercise reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality of such personal information. Unfortunately, however, no security system or system of transmitting data over the Internet can be guaranteed to be entirely secure, and we do not control the data security practices of any third-parties.

For your own privacy protection, we encourage you not to include sensitive personal information in any emails you send to us. Additionally, please do not send credit card numbers or other payment information to us via email.

We will not contact you by mobile/text messaging or email to ask for your confidential personal information or credit card details. We will only ask for your confidential personal information or credit card details by telephone when you are making a purchase by telephone. We will not contact you to ask for any membership or loyalty program account log-in information. If you receive this type of request, you should not respond to it.


We may modify this Policy from time to time. When we make material changes to this Policy we will prominently post a link to the revised Policy on the homepage of our site ( You can tell when this Policy was last updated by looking at the link and at the date at the top of this Policy. Any changes to our Policy will become effective upon posting of the revised Policy on the site. Use of the site following such changes constitutes your acceptance of the revised Policy then in effect.


If you have any questions about this Policy or how My Jewelry Spot processes your personal information, please contact us sending a e-mail to


A “cookie” is a computer file that acts as an identification card for your computer. When you visit our sites, unique cookies are placed on your browser. The purpose of the cookie is to distinguish your browser from all other browsers that visit our sites. However, by recognizing your browser, we can serve you better. For example, the cookies allow us to hold the selections in your shopping cart when you navigate away from the order page and then return to complete the order; because of the cookie, you don’t have to start over with your shopping. We can also keep track of what pages of our website your browser visited and whether you purchased a product. This helps us judge the success of our advertising campaigns. Working with third-party advertising companies, the use of cookies also enables us to provide you with customized banner ads that we think will be more useful than randomly-generated ads because they are based on your past purchases and page visits to our sites.

Web Beacons
When you visit our ecommerce sites, web beacons will recognize specific cookies that have been placed on your browser. Web beacons can convey information that a browser with a recognized cookie has accessed a page or a certain part of a page on our website, depending on where the web beacon is located on the website. For example, a web beacon located on our purchase confirmation page will record that a browser with a recognized cookie accessed that page which means that we can conclude that the browser was used to purchase a product. The web beacon does not, however, tell us that you specifically (by reference to PII) have purchased a product because the cookie is only the browser’s identification card; it is not your personal identification card.

We use web beacons to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns and to improve our websites by recognizing which pages are visited and whether those visits result in purchases. Web beacons also allow third-party advertising companies we work with to select and serve banner advertisements to your browser that you would be most likely to be interested in.

Business Partners
We work with industry-leading business partners who help us operate our websites and provide important services to our customers and visitors. Our business partners may change over time but we are committed to building relationships with third parties who are dedicated to providing you a safe and satisfying experience on our websites. Our business partners are obligated to collect and use any information collected from you on a My Jewelry Spot site or on behalf of My Jewelry Spot in a manner that is consistent with applicable data security laws.

Third-Party Advertising Companies
We allow certain companies to collect information from browsers of our websites to use to serve interest-based ads. These companies are usually third party ad servers, ad agencies, technology vendors or providers of sponsored content. Using cookies and web beacons, these companies collect data from a particular browser about web viewing behaviors over time and across unrelated websites and use such data to predict user preferences and to deliver advertisements to that browser which are calculated to target that browser’s predicted preferences.

Analytics Data
Information collected through cookies and web beacons to keep track of what products you viewed and purchased and what areas or pages you viewed on our websites is called “analytics data”. We use analytics data to improve the design and content of our websites, to help us learn things like what pages are most attractive to all of our visitors and what promotions visitors like to see, and to gauge the success of our advertising campaigns.

Interest-Based Advertising
Interest-based advertising has become commonplace across the Web. It is the term we use for the activity that enables us to tailor ads to your interests and activities. Either My Jewelry Spot or third-party advertising companies we work with may look at your browsing activity, such as the types of content you access, ads you click on, and searches you conduct. We can then infer certain interests you have and place ads and offer you deals that meet your needs. Our goal for interest-based advertising is to show ads to people likely to be interested in the products we offer at My Jewelry Spot.